Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management

With Prisma® Cloud, you can enforce permissions and security identities across workloads and clouds.

Complex multi-cloud environments make enforcing least-privileged access a challenge due to limited visibility and inconsistent entitlements across cloud resources and service providers. Security and identity teams need to ensure that all infrastructure entitlements adhere to least-privileged access principles.

What to Know About Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM).

Centrally manage identities and govern access across public clouds

Prisma Cloud provides integrated CIEM capabilities as part of a single platform and single solution for securing cloud entitlements at scale.

With Prisma Cloud, security, identity and infrastructure teams can quickly audit cloud permissions and prevent security incidents that arise from improperly configured cloud entitlements. Deep integrations with identity tools, cloud service providers (CSPs), and third-parties give you comprehensive visibility and control.
  • Quickly audit and secure cloud entitlements
  • Unify security across cloud resources and workloads
  • Integrate with CSP and third-party identity providers
  • Privileged access management
    Privileged access management
  • Least privilege recommendation
    Least privilege recommendation
  • Account compromise detection
    Account compromise detection
  • Identity provider integrations
    Identity provider integrations


Our approach to Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management

Privileged access management

Securing cloud infrastructure entitlements starts with gaining deep visibility into which accounts have access to, or can take action upon, which specific resources. Prisma Cloud analyzes permissions on public CSPs to determine net-effective permissions and rightsized permissions recommendations.

  • Manage cloud entitlements from a single solution

    Gain integrated capabilities from Prisma Cloud that extend resource-level posture management to cloud identities.

  • Implement pre-built policies

    Leverage specialized out-of-the-box policies to detect risky permissions and remove unwanted access to cloud resources.

  • Audit permissions for internal compliance

    Quickly audit cloud permissions with related user data, service data and cloud accounts.