Why Prisma Cloud?

Prisma® Cloud secures hybrid and multi-cloud environments for the world’s most innovative companies.

Prisma Cloud key differentiators

A single user experience

Customers leverage a single dashboard for public and private cloud security to ensure all groups in their organization have visibility and access to vital data, alerts and reports.

A unified agent

Prisma Cloud delivers a single, unified agent framework to secure Linux and Windows® hosts, containers and Kubernetes®, on-demand container platforms, and serverless functions. Whether you’re using Microsoft Azure® VMs, Red Hat OpenShift®, AWS Fargate® or Google Cloud Run, we’re there to secure your applications.

A single SKU

All our capabilities are delivered via a consumption mechanism called Prisma Cloud Credits, offering simple, straightforward pricing. Prisma Cloud Credits are only consumed for security capabilities you use each month, so you know exactly what you’re buying.

Proven ROI and operationalization

With 74% of the Fortune 100 as customers, we know how to demonstrate return on your security investment. We bring more than 100 customer success experts, operational best practices and decades of security leadership experience to support you on your cloud journey.

Integrated with developer and DevOps workflows

Securing cloud infrastructure and cloud native applications requires a full lifecycle approach to security, integrated with the IDE, SCM and CI/CD workflows used across teams. Prisma Cloud supports all major workflows, automation frameworks and third-party tools.

Flexible pricing

Consume cloud security just like you consume cloud infrastructure—on demand. Prisma Cloud Credits can be used across all our various modules. This makes it easy for you to activate security capabilities without going through tedious procurement processes.

Trusted by the world’s best companies

  • 74%


  • 2,000+


  • 2.5 B+


Built on the most innovative startups

Cloud security requires a unified and integrated approach to deliver full stack, full lifecycle security. That’s why we’ve acquired and integrated the world’s leading startups into our Cloud Native Security Platform (CNSP).

Innovative Startups
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